Filter offers our customers high-quality heat and steam production turn-key solutions for the needs of district heating and the industries.
The design of Filter boiler plants is tailored to the individual requirements of our customers.
Main points of boiler plant design are high energy saving efficiency, reliability and cost-effective economical solutions.

Boiler plants for different fuels
• natural gas, LNG, biogas, special gases
• different oils light oil, heavy oil, shale oil
• Solid and liquid biofuels

Boilerplants on different heat exchange medium
• Steam boiler plants up to 33 MW
• Water boilers plants up to 33 MW
• Thermal oil boilerplants.
• Special boilers plants

Containerised boiler plants
FILTER have worked out containerised boiler plant standard solutions on liquid fuel and gas - steam production 1 000 to 25 000 kg/h and water boiler plants thermal power from 0.7 to 20 MW

Boilerplant modules
FILTER have worked out and manufacturing boiler- , deaerator- and water-treatment modules for boiler plants.

Turn-key solutions
A boiler plant built on-site enables us to take the customer's special requirements and the environment in consideration from the start when designing and implementing a boiler plant project. A boiler plant delivery always also includes training. Our training programme will instruct operating staff in the use of the boiler plant and we offer full maintenance service.

Filter group companies have constructed 220 oil and gas fueled boilerplants with total power output over 1100MW and 16 biomass run boiler plants.