Turn-key solutions

All combined heat and power plants constructed by Filter Group companies are engineering solutions worked out with regard to the individual requirements of certain customers.

We offer high quality solutions in the spheres of activities involving production processes which require to a significant extent electrical and thermal energy in the form of steam, hot and cold water, thermal oil or hot air. In working out solutions primary importance is given to cost saving and achieving maximum operating efficiency. It is important to ensure high efficiency and long life of the equipment, which guarantees the profitability of the customer's investment. The planning process takes into consideration environmental friendliness of the constructions – other important issues besides low CO2 emissions include overall environment of the plant as well as its maintainability.

Filter has constructed combined heat and power plants and boilerplants based on various technologies with the fuel being oil, natural gas, biogas, biomass, or gases generated in industrial processes.
Filter have competent specialists and wealth of practical experience, as well as corresponding qualification registrations and licenses in such special requirements professional fields as technical design; construction; pressure equipment, gas and electrical works, which enables Filter to act as a main contractor in the projects involving the aforementioned works.

Turn Key project includes:
  • Project management
  • Working out full solutions and technological schemes
  • Selection and supply of equipment and components
  • Supply of electrical and automation systems
  • Equipment installation
  • Plant commissioning
  • Operator / User training
  • Maintenance

Being a authorized representative of the world's leading manufacturers of energy and water treatment equipment enables us to employ the latest engineering technologies and knowhow of the manufacturers in both planning and construction processes. Thus FILTER solutions are based on the principle of using the best possible technology.

Combined Heat and Power Plants

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