Equipment installation, startup and technical service
We offer expert/professional installation, startup and technical maintenance of all the equipment supplied by Filter AS.We offer equipment maintenance during both the warranty and post-warranty periods.

Contractual maintenance
Service is rendered is on a regular basis in accordance with the existing maintenance contract, without special application by the Customer. Maintenance and restoration services are provided in accordance with the existing service contract.

24/7 break-down/failure response and equipment on-line supervision
We offer 24/7maintenance of all the equipment supplied by Filter AS. Permanent on-line supervision ensures smooth operation and maximum utilization of the equipment.

Technical support to the service personnel of the customer
All our customers can enjoy a call center service to get necessary technical guidelines for equipment operation and maintenance.
Steam systems technical inspection, condensate traps check
We perform technical insspection of steam systems and working condition check of condensate traps. On the basis of the collected data we prepare a report for the customer about the the technical condition of the equipment supplied with competent recommendations aimed at ensuring most efficient operational mode.

Feedwater systems technical inspection
We perform regular maintenance and technical inspection of various water treatment equipment in accordance with the manufaturers' instructions and prescriptions. The objective is to ensure smooth operation and longer life cycle of water treatment equipment.
Water analysis / tests, working out technical solutions
We do analysis / tests of water used in boiler houses and technological equipment. Our solid long-term experience and expertise allows us to work out the most efficient water treatment solutions taking into account our customers' specific needs and raw water parameters.

Programming and installing controllers, automation control equipment setup
We offer automatic control solutions and equipment for various technological processes ranging from the choice of equipment, programming and setup to installation and further maintenance. Additionally, at the customers' request, we make corresponding necessary changes to the system.

Burner setup, flue gas analyses
We have a long-term in-depth experience and expertise in setting up and adjusting differently fuelled boilers. When setting up the boiler special attention is paid to ensuring maximum fuel economy as well as choosing the most efficient burner operation mode.

Technical Maintenance of Cogeneration Plants
We perform technical maintenance of cogeneration plants and provide 24/7 failure/breakdown response, which enables uninterruptible operation of the equipment and energy generation process.

Pump maintenance
We offer our customers the following range of maintenance services compliant with the manufacturers' prescriptions: visual check, bearing check, alignment (if required), motor workflow metering, gasket and other parts replacement, etc.
Professional pump maintenance provides full overview of the pumps working condition, enables fast troubleshooting, prompt order / supply of spare parts as well as prevention of unexpectable work stoppages and breakdowns, which altogether helps cut operating costs.

Supervision service
We offer supervision service for pressure and gas equipment as well as stationary hazardous liquids containers, and guarantee according fulfillment of all the supervisor obligations prescribed by the existing regulations. We perform all required actions related to submission of the equipment for regular operation tests and provide availability and proper condition of the required technical documents.