District heating systems
50 kW – 10 MW

A wide range of district heating systems with multiple capacity levels and applications.

The Maxi range offers customized solutions according to customer needs and the requirements of the building.

Maxi units provide:

  • Domestic hot water & space heating: 4 circuits maximum
  • Space heating only

Cetetherm IQHeat is an outstanding and unique control system providing the most energy efficient solution in the market. 

IQHeat offers full remote access with built-in WEB interface, data, control and alarm without any additional monthly fees.

Key Benefits

  • Pre-assembled, pre-mounted, pre-tested, pre-wired and verified, – ready to go
  • Top quality backed by unique and outstanding expertise
  • A very energy-efficient/saving solution thanks to optimal heat recovery & low return temperatures
  • Supervision via customer’s laptop, smartphone or from the control panel of the Cetetherm IQHeat control unit


Domestic hot water and space heating for multi-family houses to an unlimited number of apartment blocks, public buildings, commercial centres & industrial buildings.

For newly built and renovation projects.

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