The NC® Everest®, provides epic customer advantages, with up to 50% greater cooling capacity, higher energy savings, fewer components and lower maintenance costs. Compared to other factory-assembled towers, NC Everest rises above the rest.

  • GPM Range: 697-7746
  • Thermal Capacity: 1311-2189 tons
  • Certification: CTI, Eurovent
  • ASHRAE 90.1 compliant, OSHA compliant
HVAC and Light Industrial applications: 

  • Up to 50% greater cooling capacity than any other cooling tower in the world
  • Higher energy savings with up to 35% less fan power
  • Reduced piping and electrical connections for greater installation savings
  • Unrivaled interior access for easier and safer inspections and maintenance
Process Cooling and Heavy Industrial applications:

  • Up to 50% more cooling capacity than any other pre-assembled cooling tower in the world
  • Up to 60% faster delivery
  • Up to 80% faster installation
  • More site flexibility and safer assembly process
  • No costly concrete basin construction required
  • Higher energy savings with up to 20% reduction in pump energy
  • Lowest drift rate, down to 0.0005% of circulating water flow

    - Heavy gauge steel structure, galvanized or stainless steel
    - 5-year mechanical component warranty
    - Rugged genuine Marley Geareducer® drive
    - Energy-efficient PVC heat exchange fill media
    - Integral louvers and drift eliminators
  • CERTIFIED THERMAL PERFORMANCE: Certified by the Cooling Technology Institute to meet thermal performance as specified. 
  • FM APPROVED: FM Approved for use without a fire protection system in multi-cell applications to allow more affordable operation insurance.
    - Less sunlight exposure for reduced water treatment requirements
    - Reliable cold weather operation from crossflow design
    - Variable flow water distribution system for improved energy efficiency in off-peak loads
  • Warranty and Service: Every NC Everest cooling tower carries a full five-year warranty.

Note: All product designs are subject to change without notice in the pursuit of progress. Before placing an order, kindly consult with us

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