In association with leading equipment manufacturers from across the globe in the field of Energy and Water, we are able to meet specific needs of a range of customers.

FILTER’s product portfolio consists of boilers, burners, engines (all fuels), water treatment items, heat exchangers, cooling towers, heating and cooling systems, control devices (steam & condensate, water & other liquids, gases), pumps, real-time analytical measurement systems, laboratory devices & accessories and automation components with software for multiple processes.

The application for these products involve Combined Heat and Power Plants, Industrial and Process Plants, Boiler-Houses, Water Treatment Plants, Laboratories, Residential & Commercial Facilities and many more. Additionally, we take care of all SERVICE requirements surrounding the products.
FILTER offers high-quality thermal and steam-based boilers/generators by collaborating with leading OEMs to meet specific needs of a wide array of micro, small and medium clients

FILTER collaborates with the most renowned Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) from across the globe to deliver the entire ecosystem of products, solutions and services in the field of water treatment for a variety of customer needs in business (all ranges are possible) like- Agriculture and Horticulture, Automotive industry, Beverage industry, Chemical industry, Electronics industry, Food industry, Glass industry, Heat and power plants, Hospitals, Institutions, Laboratories, Laundries, Mechanical industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Surface treatment industry, Textile industry, Water works, etc.

FILTER offers burners for gas and liquid fuels and ensures all round availability of spare parts for the supplied burner. We also specialize in converting existing fuel burners to a fuel of choice. For example, the conversion of an oil burner to natural gas or vice versa. Further, we offer the opportunity to save fuel through the upgrade of the burner control automation.

FILTER offers high-quality and energy efficient heating and cooling systems in the form of small, midsize and large substations.

FILTER is a leading authorized supplier in the Eastern-European market for cooling towers developed by SPX Cooling Technologies. The regions where our localized expertise and round the clock service are available include Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Belarus and Russia.

The modern requirements of high process stability combined with low operating costs and resource consumption simply could not be met without high-precision on-line measurement. We sell a high quality range of water on-line analyzers for following parameters:

We offer a wide range of pumps for various applications such as chemical and petrochemical industry, food and drink industry, water treatment and supply, wastewater, district heating and many others industrial application areas. Qualified personnel will be glad to discuss and consult you regarding any questions related to the usage of pumps and pumping systems in your industrial processes.

A comprehensive range of the highest quality products is available for the control and efficient use of steam, industrial gases, water and other fluids. These products can be provided to make up systems. Systems that are engineered and supplied by Filter are guaranteed to work effectively to the customer's satisfaction.

Laboratory measuring systems provide safe, reproducible and retraceable results satisfying the requirements of international standards.

FILTER partners with the most advanced original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) from around the world in bringing across quality-specific heat exchangers and spare parts for a variety of applications in business. Through our extensive industrial know-how and business intelligence, we can help you out through the entire path of feasibility study, customized design, logistics & configuration at end facility, commissioning of the system and regularized maintenance (under a contract).

The heat exchangers find their usage according to the following categorization:




Heat & Power, Oil & Gas Production, Oil & Gas Tankers, LNG Carriers & Terminal


Refinery, Petrochemical, Specialty & Fine Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Industrial Gas, Fertilizer, Pulp & Paper


Food & Beverage, Automotive Production, Metal Production, Mining, Grain Distilling, Emission Control Systems


Cold Storages, Ice Rinks, Marine Applications, HVAC, Cryogenic Duties


Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

These heat exchangers are the simplest kind of products available on the market. The technological design is mostly used in heat transfer fields that doesn’t demand an elevated level of security. Some of the key highlights of this type of heat exchanger are as follows:

  • Efficient use of Temperature Differences
  • Robust and Reliable Construction
  • Self-Cleaning design due to turbulent flows


 Operating Temperature Range

 -180 to 200°C (-292 to 392°F)

 Operating Pressure

 16 to 30 bar (232 to 435 psi)

 Flow Rate

 10 to 600 m3/h (44 to 2 642 gpm)

Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers

These heat exchangers are also referred to as ‘Plate and Frame’ and provides excellent efficiency transferring heat from one liquid to another, often water to water, or from steam to other liquids. The modular design combines frames, plates & connection to form a range of configurations. Some of the key features surrounding this type of heat exchanger are as follows:

  • Induced Turbulence
  • Temperature Approaches
  • Reduced Footprint
  • Easy Accessibility
  • Highly Versatile
  • Maximum Fluid Compatibility


 Maximum Operating Temperature

 180°C (356°F)

 Maximum Operating Pressure

 27.5 bar (400 psi)

 Maximum Flow Rate

 5 768 m3/h (25 400 gpm)

 Heat Transfer Surface Availability

 2 044 m2 (22 000 ft2)

 Temperature Approach Handling

 < 1°C (< 2°F)

 ‘U’ Values

 2 594 W/m K (1 500 Btu/h ft2 °F)

 Plate Materials

 304SS, 316SS (standard)

 Gasket Materials

 NBR, EPDM (standard)

Plate and Shell Heat Exchangers

These heat exchangers are based on a fully welded pack that is enclosed in a strong shell structure thereby eliminating the need for a gasket. The unit is ideal when dealing with footprint barriers, extreme pressures/temperatures, fouling/scaling conditions and corrosive attack with liquids, gases, steam and two-phase mixtures. Some of the important benefits surrounding this type of heat exchanger are as follows:

  • Outstanding Uptime
  • Fluid Flexibility
  • Compact and Low Weight
  • Close Approach Temperatures
  • Enhanced Thermal Performance
  • Gasket and Low Fouling

The product designs under this category include: Compact, Fully Welded, Openable, Systems, Combined, Exhaust Gas Economizer


 Maximum Operating Temperature

 900°C (1650°F)

 Maximum Operating Pressure

 200 barg (2900 psig)

 Heat Transfer Surface Availability

 2 000 m2 (21 528 ft2)

 Temperature Approach Handling

 < 1°C (< 2°F)

 Plate Materials

AISI 316L, AISI 904L, 254 SMO, Alloy C22 & C276, Duplex, Titanium gr.1 & gr.11, Nickel, Others

 Shell Materials

Carbon Steel, AISI 316L, AISI 904L, 254 SMO, Alloy C22 & C276, Duplex, Titanium, Others

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Filter helps to choose the right product, provides automation products and educates its customers in configuration and commissioning. Offered product range is easy to configure, easy to operate and easy to maintain. There are many different products for different necessities that help our customers make an easy choice.