FILTER specializes in delivering products, solutions and services in the field of Energy and Water for a wide array of micro, small and medium businesses- power, heating & cooling, food & beverage, timber, paper & pulp, textile, glass & ceramics, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, agriculture, laboratories, transportation & shipping and many more.  


With over two and a half decades of experience in design & engineering, we have helped clients in 5 countries in the Eastern-European region expertly navigate through their business by leveraging their technological resources. We do it by employing a customer-centric approach and though constant improvement in skills, expertise and problem-focused ideas.




From a humble start out of tiny Estonia in the following year after re-independence, FILTER has grown into a family of over 250 employees in 5 countries with 8 offices:

- 1992: Estonia
- 1994: Latvia and Lithuania
- 2008: Bulgaria
-2021: Poland


In this journey of over 27 years, the Company has remained committed to the highest standards of business practices with a sustained drive to offer next-generation products, solutions and services for clients.



FILTER firmly takes requisite steps in prioritizing environmental and work safety. Work place health is of utmost importance to us and we continuously align ourselves with the updated regulations in every region. Our personnel are trained accordingly beforehand so that they abide by safety norms while at work whether indoors or outdoors.


We at FILTER respect international regulations and constantly invest a significant amount of our effort in complying with ‘Money Laundering and Illicit Payment Laws’, ‘International Trade Laws’, ‘Anti-Competitive Laws’, ‘Intellectual Property Rights’ and ‘Conflict of Interest Situations’.


In constant pursuit of customer satisfaction and standardization preconditions, our Quality Management System consistently complies with:

- ISO 9001
- ISO 14001
- OHSAS 18001 


advocates transformative knowledge to be the fundamental driver for growth and prosperity in individuals. Through the EducationalInitiative, we strive to bridge the applied knowledge gap of budding students in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Management (STEM). Currently, we are running two programs:

In partnership with TalTech University in Tallinn, we empower students from the thermal engineering department in understanding the industrial and practical way of things. Through organized visits, they receive knocked-down access to our prototypes, test-beds and laboratories.

Internally and externally, we value the contribution of people in solving engineering problems effectively and offer Academic Scholarships in collaboration with Estonian National Culture Foundation. We thoughtfully see this as a key driver for thinking out-of-the-box.